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 Adrianne Martin

Representative Projects


  • Hazardous Material Tracking Database.  Maintains information on hazardous building materials for all corporate buildings.  Facilities management users can print reports of materials by building area, view or print-out floor plans with sampling locations, store photos of hazard locations, and search regulatory paperwork in PDF and document format.  Versions have been released in both Windows.NET (Windows-based application) and in ASP.NET (Data-driven Web application) using MS SQL Server. PDF files and reports created using Crystal Reports. Another version uses SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Manufacturing and Repairs Database. Tracks all products manufactured and subsequent returns for maintenance.  Allows company to track history for each piece of equipment. Produces reports showing trends in failure types which helps them target problem areas. Creates Excel workbooks for further graphical and specialized analysis. Took a paper-based system and computerized it, allowing access by users and management.  We imported 20 years of history from Excel spreadsheets and combined with hand-entered data.  Microsoft Access and Excel.

  • Testing and Inspection Tracking Database. Tracks all recurring and one-time Inspections and Tests for the more than one hundred buildings in the organization.  Notifies the coordinator of upcoming inspections. Stores cost and remediation data and provides status reports based on building or inspection. This database now allows one person to administer a program which previously required 3 different administrators, was paper-based and often incurred fines due missed deadlines for mandated tests and inspections. Access Data Project using Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Citation and Remediation Tracking Database. Tracks health and safety citations, fines and remediation activities. Microsoft Access.

  • Clinic Scheduling Database. Schedules nurses at temporary clinics at multiple locations. Notifies nurses and customers of schedules, tracks inventory and sales, forecasts supplies, includes a media notification module, and includes extensive reporting capabilities. Microsoft Access.

  • School Programs Scheduling database. Schedules programs, creates invoices and other financial reports. Helps schedule the instructors, and can print out a calendar of monthly assignments. Capable of emailing invoices and instructions to teachers. Microsoft Access. 

  • Inventory and Billing System for a parts distributor. Converted their paper-based system to a database. Client now has the ability to track inventory, order parts from suppliers as soon as products are sold, ship orders instantly, and report sales information. Microsoft Access.

  • Industrial Training database. Schedules classes, creates certificates, invoices and other reports. Notifies administrators when it is time for students to take their annual training courses and tracks their history. This project reduced by half the time it takes to register and process a student.  Versions in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Access Data Project with ADO and Microsoft SQL Server. 

  • Survey and Reporting Database. Maintains building material data, tracks abatement removal projects, imports data from other sources, retrieves information for construction, maintenance and remodeling projects, and allows client to maintain compliance.  MS Access.

  • Marketing Projects Database. Tracks projects using descriptions, project types, fees, client type, project photos for use in creating targeted marketing and proposal documents. Client can search for projects based on type of work or location and pull that information into Microsoft Word. MS Access.

  • Material Safety Data Sheet Database. Material Safety Data Sheets for a facilities management department.  Allows users to look up the information on-line for any building anywhere in the facility instead of having to track down the binder holding all of the data sheets. Microsoft Access.

  • Paradox to Microsoft Access Conversion. Converted an extensive system from Paradox to Access 97 which includes sample tracking and survey report writing.

  • Testing Laboratory Database. Converted an inventory, analysis, and report system for a building material laboratory to Access, which also interfaces with an Microsoft SQL-based Accounting System.

  • Financial Reporting. Created financial reports using data from a SQL back-end and contained in an Access  database for ease of access by the user. Also created customized data entry forms for certain tasks which allow the user to enter data more quickly and easily than the standard application interface. Extends Deltek Vision and Deltek Advantage accounting systems.